Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Mask of Tamrel coming May 10th; Book signing at Horizon Books in Traverse City on June 7th

Greetings all! Just yesterday I completed my final run-through of The Mask of Tamrel, checking for any last-minute formatting errors and like. Everything is set and ready for the release...excessive thanks to my editor Heather Shaw, for her tireless work and the incredible map she drew up. Thevin is now real, and the adventure is set to begin. I'd also like to thank my friends who participated in the editing process; a word to all potential self-publishers. I can't stress enough how important it is for multiple people to read your text with an eye peeled for spelling and formatting errors. Every individual who read the book noted different errors, and their collective perception went into the final draft. Also included in the book are the first two chapters from the second novel in the Magistricide, In the House of Madame Heretia - currently working on the final draft, which will be seeing release in early September. The third book has been taking inchoate form in my head...in my first post on this site I referred to the series as a tetralogy, but it could very well blossom into a five-or-six book series, depending upon whence the narrative chooses to go. I stand by humbly prepared to journey with Kelrob and Jacobson into the depths of the abyss or to whatever paradisial height their quest may reach; you can join them by checking out The Mask of Tamrel, which will be simultaneously available on this site and on Amazon.com come May 10th.

On June 7th I'll be in my hometown of Traverse City MI signing copies of Mask at Horizon books from 2-4 PM. Looking forward to seeing plenty of old friends and a plethora of new faces. Please stop by for a copy of the book or simply to say 'hello!'

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