Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Judas Dangled

Judas dangled from his root
blood distending from his mouth
and pondered the complexities of fate -

Man dying for god and god dying for man
Immortal blood coursing in mortal veins
our every action is cursed -

The marble domes we erect for the dead
act as incubi for the coming birth -

The meaning is obscured because
The meaning must be obscured.

The final fundament of reality
cannot be preserved in a solution of formaldehyde.

The mind strays beyond the array of reality
and retrieves visions that manifest in waking life -

the base of sorcery
and poetry
and science
are one

The wand wiggles in desperate anticipation
of uncouth minds and froggish throats
to voice the crack in deception
until their gullets are ceremonially slit -

sacrifices to false order
garbed in glistening samite -

O you prophets and puppets
of old
come out from your vestibules
and twitch in the eternal dance
weave in my glands a song of stars
and transport flesh beyond flesh
to return with the flush of Faery.

Copyright Scott J. Couturier 2014

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