Monday, September 15, 2014

In The House of Madame Heretia and Beyond

Greetings all! Been a good long while since I posted on here, so a few pertinent updates:

First off, the giveaway was a great success. Yet another huge thanks to everyone who downloaded The Mask of Tamrel and to everyone who helped me spread the word.

The second volume of The Magistricide, In the House of Madame Heretia, is an atom's-breadth from completion - just have to read through the proof copy and make some final niggling adjustments. Thanks to my editor Heather Shaw for her valiant work, including the cover art below:

The book will be out in early October; I'll let you all know when a specific date is set! As for when the third volume of The Magistricide can be expected, I'm taking a brief break from the series to write up a sword-n-sorcery novel that's been bopping around in my brain. The First Book of Kreegor deals with an aging, impotent warlord who has recently retired from a life of glory and fate. With his faithful talking steed Fire Hoof, he flees to an isolated island on an accursed continent, only to find fresh unwoven destinies awaiting him. Will be writing the book through the autumn; too early to project a release date. Kelrob and Jacobson's third adventure is simmering on the back burner, with an aimed release in late 2015.

 Onward, tally ho, and many other Medieval ejaculations beside,


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